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Xymbolic offers solutions to manage your frontline workers beyond limitations.

Manage your frontline workers with Clocskter. We understand that businesses often face challenges in managing their frontline staff. That is why we came up with a solution that will deliver innovative tools, streamline operations, reduce inefficiencies, and increase productivity. Our aim is to empower businesses with efficient front-line staff management solutions.

Our technology is designed with the user in mind, ensuring ease of use, adaptability, and integration with your existing systems. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, from scheduling and time tracking to communication and performance management, all to help you better manage your frontline staff.

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Attendance and time tracking

Track employees' work hours from a clock-in to a paycheck with no manual data entry.

  • Integration with Biometrics Devices
  • Selfie Clock-Ins
  • Missed Clock-ins Auto Request
  • Geofencing, Anti-Spoofing
  • Performance Statistics

Advanced shift scheduling

Clockster provides any type of schedule for any type of work, no matter the complexity. 

  • Open shifts.
  • Role & Department based shifts.
  • Split shifts and rotating shifts.
  • Shift changes requests.
  • Weekly and monthly rosters.

Streamlined payroll solutions.

Forget about ever manually calculating taxes, deductions, rates, and financial requests.

  • Payslips
  • Salary management.
  • Additions, rates, deductions and holidays.
  • Daily allowance and service charge.
  • Automated payroll reports.

Simplified communications

Clocskter's requests and approvals won't let you lose anything in endless emails and messengers.

  • Announcements and SOPs.
  • Org charts.
  • Leaves, claims, advances & other various request.
  • Multiple approvers.
  • Polls and discussions.

Task with checklists.

Never lose track of what your team does and stay up-to-date on your employees' progress.

  • Recurring tasks
  • Due date reminders.
  • Task folders.
  • Automatic reports
  • Checklist sequences.

Cross-platform compatible

modern software landscape, compatible with and optimized for the latest platform versions.

  • Android compatible
  • iOS compatible
  • Windows compatible
  • Linux compatible
  • Browser-based compatible.

Mobile attendance tracking

  • Convenient application available on all platforms.
  • Employees will receive a notification 5 minutes before the start and end of their shift, reminding them to clock in.
  • Selfie clock-in feature allowing employees to attach photos from their workplace.


  • Limiting the check-in radius will prevent employees from checking in outside of the designated location.
  • Variability of the geofencing radius from 50 up to 700 meters.
  • Ability to be assigned to multiple locations for ease of movement between locations.

Nice touches

  • Notifications about absent employees at the location.
  • Reminder notification to clock-in/out before the start of the shift.
  • Notifications of new shifts, announcements, messages, etc.


Add, edit and manage employees in one place.

  • Employee profile. Provides a large number of fields and information.

  • Roles and permissions. Add and edit roles and permissions manually or through templates.

  • Statistics and data. Data on age, gender, contract type, locations and more.

  • Easy to add employees. Simply send an invitation link and the employee can add themselves to the company independently.


Closkter will calculate the salary for you.

  • Calculation of taxes, rates, night hours, and overtime. Set up a reputation schedule: daily, every other day, etc.

  • Reports tailored to your parameters. Select the required fields for display in the report and use filters.

  • Ready-made templates and filters. Use ready-made timesheets or various types: standard timesheet, by schedule, by absence tracking, etc.

  • API for third-party apps. Export data to other systems: SAP, Oracle, XERO and etc.

Facial Recognition

Terminals can operate simultaneously with mobile devices.

Biometric Integration

Terminals easily integrate into any turnstiles and can recognize employees and guest within a second.

Anti-spoofing system

Prevention of any attempts to falsify clock-ins with photos or videos.


Any type of schedule for any type of work.

  • Manage multiple shifts at one go. The ability to create shifts for a larger number of employees at once, with location-specific settings and various configurations.

  • Draft-based shifts.The ability to create shifts through drafts for delayed publications.

  • Split-shifts. The ability to create multiple shifts for one employee for each day, across different locations and roles.

  • Shifts based on specific locations, roles or departments. Suitable for events, catering, and shifts for employees at remote locations.


Managing shifts directly from mobile devices.

  • Create and manage templates. The ability to create an unlimited number of templates for different needs.

  • Shift change history logs. Track all changes in your employees' work shifts.

  • Open shifts. Employee will have the ability to choose the created shift independently.

  • Shift request from employees. Employees will have the ability to send requests to create shifts independently.

30 types of request.

Requests for sick leave, business trips, equipment purchases, vacations, schedule changes, and more.

Approval Sequence

The ability to set up rules based on positions, departments, and locations.

Announcements, polls & SOP

Send news and internal regulatory documents to all employees for review. 


Task and checklist.

  • Automate repetitive tasks. Set a repetition schedule: daily, every other day, etc., with start and end times.

  • Send for approval. Optionally, configure tasks to be closed only after manager approval.

  • Group task in one place. Group tasks together for team collaboration.

  • Automatically generated reports. The report will provide complete information on the work done, including geo-tags, photos, and dates. Download it in PDF to share.

  • Flexible reports in excel. Generate reports for all tasks using filters by responsible person, location, department, position and more.


Reports and analytics.

  • Detailed Reports. Download reports on attendance, tasks, and payroll in Excel.

  • Reports tailored to your parameters. Select the required fields for display in the report and use filters.

  • Ready-made templates and filters. Use ready-made timesheets or various types: standard timesheet, by schedule, by absence tracking, etc.

  • API for third-party apps. Export data to other systems: SAP, Oracle, XERO and etc.

Reducing administrative burden

Automating time and attendance management reduces administrative tasks associated with manual tracking, resulting in saved time for the HR department and managerial teams.

Aberdeen Group's research found that companies using automated timekeeping solutions saved an average of 6% in payroll expenses related to manual processes.

Increased workforce efficiency

According to the American Accounting Association report, automated timekeeping systems can save up to 4% of the total payroll expenses.

Automated scheduling software allows companies to create optimized schedules, ensuring the availability of the required number of employees with the necessary skills at the right time.

Increased operational efficiency

Research conducted by the National Restaurant Association showed that improving operational efficiency can lead to an increase in restaurant profits by 5% to 15%.